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About Us

Free Project Stone Srls, a healthy, strong and young company that was born in the calendar year 2020, but has family ties and roots in the stone sector in Carrara, Ascoli and Sardinia, much stronger and more structured than the year of birth  they want to make it seem .. and that date back to before the great world wars, when our ancestors and relatives still worked in the good, healthy and old way in full contact with Nature and the raw marble and stones, without the help of all these  extraordinary technologies, and already at that time they achieved things never seen before.  Our company is a leader in the stone sector, from research, to study ... up to the listing and development of projects such as: structures, public and private buildings, villas, public and private buildings, skyscrapers, houses, museums, airports, shopping centers  , etc .. in short, everything that can be adapted and built in marble or at least supplied with marble coverings.  Furthermore, Free Project Stone srls is a company at the top in the trade and processing of: blocks, slabs, tiles and finished products.  We serve several countries and markets but we are always looking for new customers and challenges that we can face together, because our team alone gives the highest quality as required, to make all our customers happy.  Customers and collaborators are everything to us and like any real family we only want the best.  Come and visit us, we look forward to you !


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