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Our Services

Stone Trading


Projects development


Cut blocks to realize slabs

Cut slabs to realize tiles or cut to sizes


  • For any special transport type or quotation FOB.

  • CNF worldwide info and details only under requests.

  • Air Freight

  • By Truck

  • By Sea

Info & Details

  • For tiles price info & details only under requests. For any special service like cut style or special processing for slabs and tiles info & details only under requests. Also for any different enquires for size like 3cm or others again info & details only under requests.


  • Polished

  • Honed

  • Brushed

  • Flammed & More


We do :

  • Trade in the majority of the countries

  • Quarry family extraction

  • Cut slabs at 002 and 003 cm or whatever our clients ask to us.

  • From the quarry until the containers.

  • Make and follow all the processing

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